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Found Locals - Chloe Veltman

June 22, 2012

Chloe Veltman: Arts Journalist, Broadcaster and Vocal Music Nut  

Neighborhood: Hayes Valley 
Gig: Host and Executive Producer, VoiceBox  

What are you up to these days?
I'm putting on interactive live events around the theme of drinking songs, producing a weekly public radio and podcast series about the human voice, starting up a book project, and getting ready to leave for Washington DC for the summer to be a research fellow at the Library of Congress.  

What event will we find you at the weekend of June 22?
Nixon in China at San Francisco Opera; Ethnic Dance Festival; Directors Tour of the Djerassi Preserve & Arts Colony...

SF is…
the place that stole my heart 12 years ago when I moved here from London.

Where do you get your local gossip?
The Blue Bottle Coffee stand on Linden Alley

Who's your favorite quintessential local character?

Chicken John because he and his friends got really high one night in the basement of a disused brewery in Hunters Point to the sound of me and three friends singing Elizabethan madrigals.  

Where's your go-to date place?
Two places: The Wave Organ because it's a good place to feel romantic and windswept and like you're swimming with the whales; Hotel Biron because it's ill lit, has soft, capacious couches, and serves delicious cheese plates and wine.

What's your favorite SF institution?
The Adler Museum Cafe (Specs) in North Beach.

What do you get obsessive about here in SF?
The cost of living and the perpetual gulf separating the haves from the have-nots; how much SF has to offer culturally - people think of this city as being a backwater compared to New York and Los Angeles. Those cities are indeed bigger and busier, but SF has way more going on relative to its size. 

About Chloe:
UK native Chloe Veltman has been living in San Francisco for 12 years and in Hayes Valley for the last three. An arts journalist and broadcaster when she's in a sensible mood, and a bike riding, wine drinking, madrigal singing oboist when she's not, Chloe can be found at and 

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